Fresh and new...and the same.

July 11, 2005

Beware the Man Bearing a Last Name

*names have been changed to protect my own tender ass*

I was sitting down at work today when a "figure of authority" pulled up in the parking lot.
Steve said, " Oh, shit Craig Lawson is here." I immediately sprung into action (off of my ass). It made me curious how you get to be on a first and last name basis with people you hardly know. I mean to the point that the simple utterance of said both names causes people to jump and scatter like birds. Some day I hope to be such a man. " Oh Shit, Todd Johnston is coming...better get to it!"

July 09, 2005

ReIntro of Bonerland

It's amazing. I welcome you, oh hypothetical readership, to the sort of new and marginally improved Bonerland. The main improvement would be that I'm posting again.

I hope you enjoy the content of this humble and usually shitty blog page, as I do. Check in the coming weeks for updates, as well as a new Death Knight story.

Oh yeah, and if you for some reason are reading this, tell your friend...or your mom. The bitch is back, and with a taste for incorrect grammer and weiner jokes.