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May 18, 2004

To Be Sane Again...Or for the First Time

Where My Bitches At?
I doubt my actual readership ever extends beyond the 3 to 4 people I've personally introduced to this silent hell of a website. Just to humor me, why not drop a comment for me so I can start my Christmas shopping. It can be anything, just leave me a random word. I wouldn't want to waste any more of your precious time.

I watched that episode today where Elaine claims that she faked most of her orgasms with Jerry. After Jerry realizes he can't handle this, they decide they have to have sex with each other to save the friendship. If I were Jerry Seinfeld, the last scene would have lasted for 5 hours and would not be viewable on ANY TV channel ANYWHERE.

I have to escape this place. There aren't any fucking windows anywhere! There isn't a single person in this entire soulless hunk of cold steel and concrete that I can relate to whatsoever.

I'm Tired of These Fucker's Talking About Turbo's
Every night at work, I suffer an endless barrage of dumb people who won't ever shut up about cars and how fast they go. As I'm typing this right now, I'm listening to the worst of them discussing "turbo's" while constantly watching video's of cars revving up and peeling out. I can only find comfort that some day they will unavoidably perish, maybe even painfully. "A stock turbo shell would be nice."-huge dumbass

The Brains collapsing on Themselves
Having a very strong imagination has its quirks, but it can also turn your brain against itself in ways I can never properly explain. The pressure is starting to get to me, and I hope I'm far away from anyone when I inevitably explode. My existence is plagued by the foul smelling beast that is mediocrity. I generally feel scammed in the ways of life, yet not enough so that I feel comfortable complaining about it. Follow me? There's something bothering me that I must seek endlessly into the depths of uncertainty, something I can't quite put my finger on; but I have to get one good touch or maybe just graze it with my pinky to continue on my jolly way in one piece.

Primus Sucks
The best band ever will be playing in Columbus, OH at the Promo West Pavilion on June 11. This time it'll be on the outside stage and it can't help but rock your bitch ass off...I'm not joking around, you'll have to buy a new ass after this show rocks it off. I'm not completely certain I'll be able to go as of yet, but anyone who's interested in comin' along should let me know.


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