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May 08, 2004

The Continuing Adventures of Death Knight

Part the 1st

Death Knight sat painfully on the sidewalk.

The slab of concrete barely reached the top of his heel. Death Knight had been waiting there forever, it seemed. His travels had brought him to the Save-O-Shop a block from the single room apartment he occupied as a shadow occupies a corner...a dimly lit one. Death Knight was in need of supplies, and a ride. Thusly, having no phone, nor enough money for cab fair, Death Knight used the Save-O-Shop convenience phone to call his friend Norman.
Death Knight was in need of haste. A letter came in the mail earlier that morning notifying our hero that the Silver 'V', a key of unknown power and use, had been located and was in need of Death Knight's immediate attention. Normally Death Knight would have taken his journey on foot, but the previous night's event's had left him a bit weary. He had to wait for Norman, or this would severely suck.
Norman pulled up in his Chevrolet of an indecipherable model and year. It was five different colors ranging from an electric pink to a grayish hue. The car rumbled and sputtered as Norm pulled the right side of the metal behemoth onto the curb.
" Sorry, man. I was at this dude's house and I forgot you called like five hours ago," grumbled a slurred drawl out of the cracked window.
" I am in greatest need of haste. We must travel to the Taco Plaza on east and 3rd," Death Knight proclaimed.
" Alright, man but you should know... somethin' weird happened in that seat a coupla days back."
" You have informed me of this already, my friend. I will take the risk."
The car rolled slowly off the sidewalk knocking over a plastic Home Time Realty pamphlet vendor and sped away into the afternoon traffic.


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