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May 13, 2004

The Continuing Adventures of Death Knight

Part the Second

Death Knight was riding shotgun.

The two companions sped through torrents of traffic for the better part of an hour. Death Knight checked his golden pocket watch. It was almost 3:00.
" Norman,the downtown exit is upon us," Death Knight pointed adamantly out the window.
" It's cool buddy. I ain't gonna miss it," Norman replied.
The afternoon sky began to darken. The grey clouds rolled in over the city's sky-scape. The streets were empty...of cars, people, traffic cops...deserted.
" There is a fell air about. Be wary," said Death Knight.
" I hear ya. It ain't never like this durin' mid afternoon," Norman replied.
The car's usual rumblings died down as the they slowed to a full stop.
" Goddmannit, she stopped," said Norman ", The key won't even turn."
To which Death Knight responded ", This does not bode well. Stay here."
Death Knight stepped from the car. The utter silence washed over him as he began to move cautiously through the street. Death Knight's long and dark cape flapped intermittently with the stormy gail rushing through the street. Darkness was upon them. The ground shook as the very earth split in twain before Death Knight's travel sodden boots. He backed away to the vehicle, where Norman was standing.
The road ahead was wrenching itself from the ground seemingly by it's own will. It rose in front of them, towering higher than the 13 story building they had stopped before. Great Arms tore themselves from the monstrous form. The creatures head bent toward them, jagged jaws dripping crumbled stones of black and grey. A doubled yellow line stretched the length of the beast.
" Muther Fucker!" stated Norm.
" Back away friend, this beast may prove more than my strength. I would not have you witness my passing," Death Knight said.
Norman popped his trunk and removed a pump-action shotgun. " Fuck that, man. I got yer back."


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