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April 06, 2004

Home Movies: The Last Episode

This Sunday's Adult Swim lineup was to include the premier of this season's last episode of Home Movies. Rumors have been spread around the cartoon community that the show was in danger of cancelation by Cartoon Network, despite its high ratings and devoted fan base. Being at the time in denial of the possibility of such an intelligent and hilarious show being cancelled, I was shocked when I tuned in to watch Adult Swim on Sunday night, to find the last episode of Home Movies...ever. The episode was so sad, it was difficult to watch. [Spoiler Warning!] Brendon gathered up a "focus group" of fellow classmates (Junior, Walter, and Perry) to watch and review some of the movies he, Melissa, and Jason had made over the years. The group hated his movies, which were all bad of course, but this made the kids try to get their focus back by filming an ending to their very first movie, which was unfinished and filmed when they were very little. Throughout the episode, coach McGurk is working on building this grill Brendon's mom had purchased. McGurk and Brendon have a conversation that perfectly defines their relationship, and Mcgurk's semi- fatherhood of Brendon. The three kids film alternate, and equally bad endings to the film, which are all panned by their critics. Brendon, Jason and Melissa are left sitting around talking about why they make these movies, and why are they so bad. The scene ends with a montage of clips from the various movies they've made throughout the series with sad music playing in the background. It ends with Brendon, his mom, Jason, Melissa, and McGurk driving to the store to replace the grill McGurk had just spent over a week to put together and exploded. Brendon's filming out the car window when they suddenly hit a bump, which knock's his camera out of his hand. The camera is in turn run over. The show ends from the camera's perspective, turned on it's side, and then fizzling out to nothing.

I was traumatized. My favorite show is gone. I fear I'll never be able to watch Adult Swim ever again, after they completely betrayed my trust and screwed their fans over. I'll miss this show, and I'll miss Adult Swim too. I'm gonna go burn all the notes it ever wrote me. Adult Swim has turned into a thankless bitch. It broke my heart last night, and I'll never be the same. Thanks a lot Cartoon Network. Don't call me anymore.


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