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April 02, 2004

Boring Crap That Noone Cares About

Warning: The following post may bore you to tears. It's about Heroclix, and you'll most likely have no idea what the hell I'm talking about...but that's okay. I had nothing else to write about, and apparently these posts are in high demand right now. Thanks for your love and appreciation. I also thank you for putting up with my boring crap (Beware the parenthesis).

Yesterday was the best day in my Heroclix life. As you may know (and if so, don't care about whatsoever), the knew expansion of DC comic book themed collectable figures I worship (there's probably a commandment about that, I'll have to check my files) was released today, or should I say UNLEASHED up on the willing masses of horrendously nerdy individuals like myself.
I was awakened at the crack of 11:30 by the woman, telling me my Shazam! figure had arrived. (Shazam! is a special mail-away fig. from the new set. He's based on a character that came out in the 50's in the pages of WHIZ comics {snicker}. He was named Captain Marvel then, and was published by Fawcette publications. International publications, which later became DC comics, sued the creators of Captain Marvel for his similarities to Superman. After a brief stint of publication, the book was forced into cancelation, unless International were to lift it's cease and desist order. DC later adopted the character into its own comic line. The name 'Captain Marvel' was then challenged by Marvel comics, and forcably changed to Shazam, which is what his alter ego Billy Batson yells whenever he changes into the hero of the same name.) I had been waiting forever for this tiny peice of delicious plastic so long I was about to resort to standing in front of my mailbox screaming Shazam!at the top of my lungs until it finally showed up or I was arrested or something. But it came at the perfect time, right when the new set was released. This was the first and only time I have ever or will ever 'jump' out of bed.
After claiming victory at the mail box, I met up with my friend and fellow nerd in arms, Nathan at the local 'special interest store' (hobbytown). They hadn't put out 'the goods' by the time we got there, but we forced them to sell us our toys. I had the good fortune to 'pull' ( this term refers to whatever you happen to pull out of the box, they're put in there randomly) The mighty Metallo ( a giant robot full of Kryptonite that fights Superman), and the Veteran Green Lantern ( the term Veteran refers to the figure's rank, each standard figure has 3 versions: rookie, experienced, and veteran, Metallo was a unique).
Thanks for allowing me to bore the crap out of you, unless of course you happen to enjoy playing with little toys.

hey, I managed to get through a post without cursing...unless you count hell...or crap.


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