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April 28, 2004

Bad Poetry Part 3: Turdiculous Poetry

Martian Manhunter
The best of his class
He's got JLA powah
177 pts of awesome
2 clicks of stealth to hide from your bitch ass
2 clicks of phasing to get away from your aforementioned bitch ass
Super Strength down the 10 click dial to pound thine ass into submission
1 click of Impervious to fuck you over big time
1click of Invulnerablity to fuck your mama
8 clicks of toughness to decrease your bitch ass damage
4 clicks of Perplex to fuck up your mind
and 10 mighty clicks of 3 damage to kill your ass before you have the time to say, hey you're using Martian Manhunter against my bitch ass.

I'm drunk on Icehouse
it's amazing that I can even spell right now
I'm so drunk
All of my CD's were stolen
but i'm not mad
I just see this as an opertuntity
to start my collection over
from scratch
hey, i like R.E.M.
Fuck Ryan Adams
That song wasn't cool the first time

Memphis Niggers
Memphis is full of niggers
but wait, I don't believe in niggers
though I was raised to believe they are not quite like us white folk
Niggers are people too
when you think about it,
Nigger is just a state of mind
not an ethnic group
white people are niggers too
they just live in trailers instead of project housing
The world is unfair
Black people are no different from white people
they just know how to have more fun


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