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April 20, 2004

2 Post Tuesday

I've taken upon myself to post twice on Tuesdays henceforth...or at least I'll try whenever time and motivation allow. So that means my faithful readers will have to use the little scrolly mouse thingy between the buttons to fully appreciate this new "feature".
First off, I have to recomaend that you, yes YOU, go see Kill Bill Vol. 2 as soon as you can. This movie was so good, that my favorite actor/actress ever is now unquestionably Uma Thurman. She has such a knack for making seemingly goofy dialougue sound serious as hell. If you haven't seen the first one, you owe it to yourself to go to your local video store, rent Kill Bill Vol.1 (which came out Tuesday), and then stock up on jiffy pop. The combined work is far more than your average movie. I won't give anything away about it, but I will say that Kill Bill offers such a tastey combination of humor, horrifically campy ultraviolence, and pure pollished storytelling, you can't help but enjoy every last blood spray.
I went to a heroclix tournament this weekend ( the full account of which is in the other post), which was quite entertaining despite having to play with a weird middle aged couple. None of my other gaming minded friends were available that day, so I ended up going it alone. I would have won too, if it hadn't been for the crappy tournament rules. I'll get those damn rules some day...I'll get them good.
Enjoy the second installment of my horrendously bad poetry and I hope next Tuesday will be less redundant. Happy Day.


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