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March 28, 2004

Offensive Opinions I Hold

These are in no particular order at all.
You know what they say:
"Opinions are like assholes, big smelly assholes." -They

1. When people I don't know, but were close to someone I do know are killed suddenly, I don't care.
2. Bitches be scandelous.
3. My friends are all assholes.
4. I don't like most people.
5. Black people are loud most of the time.
6. Retarded people are askin' for it.
7. Humor can be found in anything, car accidents, heart failure, 9/11, you name it.
8. Drugs are delicious, especially Nyquil.
9. Midgets are hilariously small.
10. Your mama.
11. Spider-Man could so beat up Batman.
12. I enjoy the taste of Spam.
13. Republicans only care about their money, and worshipping satan.
14. Everyone is racist.
15. Organized religion is dumb.
16. If you care about anything at all, you are taking life too seriously.
17. Gay people are gay.
18. Animals don't have any rights.
19. The Passion of the Christ was a good movie.
20. Shakespeare isn't that great.
21. I don't believe in deoderant.
22. Drunk people have good ideas.
23. It's all right to crap.

All complaints can go straight up your ass.


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