Fresh and new...and the same.

March 24, 2004

Bad Poetry part 1: Bad Poetry

Sitting Around
I'm sitting here
Don't know what to do
looking at the floor
There's a song repeating in the ol' noggin
somethin' about lamas
My mind wanders a couple yards away
leaves while I'm not looking
My stomach feels weird
it was probably that damnable Butterfinger

Goddamn Shit Whores
Why do these bitches be frontin'
goddamn shit whores
this mother fucker is shitting a shit storm
asses asses asses
My word, I've been here an hour
goddamnit I told you to...
never the fuck you mind
you peice of shit bitch whore

Eleventy eight
You are there for me
as I am here to eat you
you sailed into my heart
my mind
with your berries
so crunchy tastey good
Oops, all berries?
I forgive your mistake
you need no berries
but Doughnuts?
that was no mistake


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