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March 13, 2004

Artistic Fuckstration

So I'm workin' on this comic. It's been "in the making" for nearly 2 years now, and what do I have to show for it? One damn page! That's it, just the one, and it's probably only 2/3's finished at this point. I did have 2 finished pages of pencil art at one point, but I have since moved twice and they are long gone. In an attempt to remedy this, I took it upon myself to do, get this, MORE WORK. I decided it was a good idea to overhaul the original story and start over with a new title page and a new opening sequence, that leads into the existing opening scene. This midstream artistic shift has caused a complete lack of motivation on my part and an utter indifference on the account of my "writer" (the word writer appears in parenthesis because at this point in the comic's history, the "writing" plays a very small role in the actual production of the book.).
This Monday we're having a Todd proclaimed Comic Bookin' Day which will last well into the wee hours and willhopefully result in some finished work. I think my problem mainly stems from the volume of work I'm putting in compared to what my comrade is doing. This needs to be more of a team effort if it's going to work at all, so we're going to do a lot of writing in addition to the hand numbing artwork I'll be cranking out. Well, here's hoping.


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